5 Ways To Undercut The Benefits Of List Building

There is no doubt list building is extremely beneficial, regardless of what type of website you are utilizing.  It gives you the unique opportunity to directly contact potential customers and proven buyers at any given moment.

Unfortunately, it is just as easy to destroy this opportunity as it is to nurture it.  There are five ways to quickly and effectively undercut every benefit list building provides.

List Building Benefits

Not Segmenting Your List

The easiest way to undercut the benefits of list building is by not segmenting your list.  By treating every opt-in the same, you are necessarily grouping multiple target audiences together.

As a result, they will all receive the same message.  Unfortunately, your target message is crafted for a specific target audience so a majority of your list will quickly lose interest.  Not only does this increase your opt-out rate, but it will also decrease your conversion rate.

Not Training Your List to Open Their Emails

Another way to minimize the benefits of list building is by not training your audience to open their e-mails.  Simply sending an e-mail isn’t enough – you have to make sure your readers open it.

There are a variety of ways you can train your readers to open the e-mails you are sending them.  The key is focusing on frequency, providing value, and creating a habit.  For example, if you send a weekly newsletter then it should be sent on the same day every week.  This will get your list into the habit of looking for your e-mail on a specific day at the designated interval (every 7 days

Not Tracking Results

It’s easy to blast out a bunch of e-mails, see some conversions, and move on.  While your list will be of some benefit, you are significantly undercutting the true value your list could provide.

Only by tracking the results of each e-mail can you optimize your nurturing and sales process for maximum results.  Tracking your results also allows you to effectively test specific elements of your e-mail, such as the subject line, format, and CTA placement across multiple platforms.

Not Allowing Your Audience to Share Content for You

Just because you are sending an e-mail directly to someone’s inbox doesn’t mean they won’t want to share with others.  If you consistently provide valuable content your readers will want to share it.

Any time they share your content with others, you gain the opportunity to attract more readers without any additional effort on your part.  By hosting a copy of your email/newsletter content on your website, you can insert social sharing buttons which your readers can use to share your emails and newsletters with others.

Not Using a Mobile Responsive Template

The final way to undercut the value of list building is not leveraging a mobile responsive template.  More people are accessing e-mail via a variety of mobile devices than ever before.  If you use any type of visual template/formatting, you must make sure it is easily viewed on every type of device.

The concept of building a list can be intimidating, but the truth is it is easier to destroy the value of your list then it is to create it in the first place.  It is essential to avoid these five common mistakes which will ruin your list building efforts.

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    I have only had my mailing list running for just over a week and I am soaking up tips, like the ones above, like a sponge. :) My main problem is getting people to open the emails, I’ve never been very good at writing enticing titles – as my MMO blog painfully proves. :)

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