Best Ways to Make Money Online – 13 Proven Methods

Beginners and some people always wants to know the best ways to make money online. So, what could be those things that could make you money.

You might have heard that someone made so much of money on the internet and there are also advertisements popping while internet surfing. You may have come across so many fakers and hoaxes on the internet that you do not know what to do and how to do it.

Money Girl - Best ways to make money online

Well, to help out you, there are some of the proven and best ways to make money online.

13 Best Ways to Make Money Online

These are arranged in ascending hierarchy with best opportunities from 1 to 13.

1. List Building to promote your website and product

List building is considered as the most powerful method of earning money online and no doubt listing building is so beneficial. List building can be any list which you make to enlist the people interested in your specific products or services that you have to offer.

You can have your own target email list that can be extra helpful in building the membership site of yours in a quick and effective way.

2. Creating Membership Sites for Recurring Income

You can also earn good income online by building your own membership site. It is a really good method of creating a recurring income month-wise source. However, it is not an easy task by any means.

If you have once built and tested the site, then afterwards it is a very handy income source and handling membership sites becomes much easier.

3. Make Money Blogging

This is another best way to make easy money with a blog. If you are particularly interested in a specific niche then here is your chance to make some money with it. A number of people from different niches have successfully earned money via blogging.

Authority blog gives you a chance to brand your business, building a target list and selling products, building hype in the market, etc.

4. Quick Cash Method on YouTube

This is an effective money making method without needing to build a list. A number of people use this method to earn good commissions. There are certain product videos on YouTube which are uploaded to advertise. You can contact their product owners and tell them how you can promote their products effectively.

5. Affiliate/Niche Sites

You can certainly build the affiliate sites to earn income online. These sites would also make you use and think of new techniques all the time. So, you can benefit from them in more than one way.

You can start simply by finding a good topic in demand on the internet and start to build a site around it. You can earn via these affiliate/niche sites.

6. CPA

CPA is another effective money making method. You can start campaigns and use some of the paid traffic. For the start, you need some of the investment and then you may have to wait for a while before actually starting to earn.

7. Buying on YouTube

This is a unique method, where you can search for a video uploaded by a regular person (not a marketer or brand). The video must have good number of views. Now, you can simply monetize with this video’s owner for affiliate products, etc.

8. CPA lead Money Making Method

The cost per action (CPA) lead method corresponds with an affiliate market place but it is somewhat different from the CPA offers. By using this, you can block some of the web contents and hide them under premium ads.

You can then ask the readers to fill a simple survey for accessing the further content. You can get good amount of money for survey fillings.

9. Article Fast Cash

Using this, you can submit an article on the internet. You can do this on a number of different article directories, and then you can give the links backwards to the affiliate products.

10. ClickBank Sniper

You can find good attractive products on ClickBank and you can rank for these product names with the word ‘Buy’ in front of them. As a tip you can rank for product with at least 50 ‘exact match’ hits online.

11. Utilizing Google Trends

You can do this by creating a simple wordpress site. This can be around a word with which news and gossip can be attached. You would then need to select a broad domain name. You can now get traffic by collecting news and gossip around that topic and attracting traffic by doing that.

12. – a Tested Online Income Source

Fiverr is a fun way of making money online. However, you can provide your unique gigs for $5 only. A number of young users are huge fans of using it and making money by Fiverr. It is a useful and fun method for money making.

13. Online Surveys

You can join the survey groups online if you intend to make some money on the internet. However, you cannot earn big money via surveys especially at start. You can earn around $5 to $10 per day if you give your best effort to it.

Making money is an art, learned through education and experience. Now is as good of a time as any to begin utilizing the internet as a way to sharpen your business skills. Whether it be working on a degree through online programs or gaining experience by managing websites and/or working with ecommerce sites, this is a great opportunity to further your career.

So these are the best ways to make money online so far. Share you money making ideas and how have you been making money online.


  1. says

    Hi list building seems to be the best way. I just subscribed to your list. Same like you i too am using mail chimp free version but have no idea how to put an image and that form to my sidebar. Help please

    • says

      I made quite a good amount from the paid posts. And there is also a way to write article for others. This is kind of blogging related job. So, freelancing as a blogger is the best way to me. thanks for the insights.

  2. says

    Good money making tips. I am always looking at ways to make money online. I think Fiverr is certainly a good way to make some money online. Also there are some blogging platforms that allow you share adsense.

  3. says

    There are many kind of online data entry job such as oDesk, freelancer, captcha entry, blog post and many others. If you want to do online or data entry job for your future planning you must need to registration and then login in to your favourite online earning site by google search or typing the address of your choosen website address and login by using username and password and bid in to your favourite job and get paid.

  4. says

    This is a great post! I love the thinking-out-of-the-box type ideas you mentioned. I think having unique ideas that set you apart is a big part of success in online businesses. Of course, the hardest part for most people is just getting started! So many people miss out on making money online because they don’t even know where to get started, you know?

  5. says

    Hi Anup,

    I haven’t started trying to make money yet, but I’m planning to do it via list building and affiliate marketing initially – also planning to write and sell some ebooks. Some other bloggers I know make money as freelance writers and that’s something else I might consider in future.


  6. says

    Hi Anup, these ways are really awesome and helpful to make money online. As money of them are trying to work online and earn they income this would be very helpful for them.

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