How I Sold Over 500+ Copies of My eBook In Just 3 Months

20120915-231427.jpg When you have a product to sell online, a question comes in your mind “how can I promote my product?”.

It doesn’t matter how unique your product is – if you don’t promote, it’s not going to get its real exposure.

So, its very important to know how can you promote the product and earn maximum income through it – more than you expected!

You might not know about my eBook that has earned me 4 figured money in the past year. One amazing thing is that it is getting good number of sales even today and people keeps asking more details about the product and shows interest to buy it.

The eBook is Backlink Exposure, it is a step by step guide to get unlimited high PR backlinks.

How I started?

After doing some research about SEO, I wrote an eBook containing my unique idea to get high quality backlinks that have real PR in its actual page. I was sure it’s going to be sell like crazy – as I though, result gave me a good surprise!

A year ago, I started to sell my eBook at IMTalk forum which is one of the great internet marketing forum.

As an active member, I’m able to create good relation with new and existing members. I just didn’t stop sharing my knowledges in that forum.

With growing reputation I thought of releasing my eBook at IMTalk marketplace where most of the people keep eye on. On March 2011, I announced my newly written eBook and on the same day I gave some review copy to the trusted members.

From those members I got super raving reviews that can actually make people buy the eBook without thinking another second. Then my hard researched idea started to pay me right that moment.

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Headline – you may call it ‘title’ matters it all

The world ‘Headline’ itself clarifies how important it is. In simple words, it’s a key of better conversion.

Mostly, people decides whether to buy product or not by just reading its main headline. Its going to be your bad luck if the headlines of sale page looks too generic.

I spent a day just to decide what title to use and what could bring more conversion. Yes, you should NOT use the false title just to make more sales – that definitely make people to think you’re selling a crap like other scammers do.

Look at the examples below:

Example #1 Guide to Get High Quality Backlinks and Make Money Through It

Example #2 Step by Step Guide to Get 1000s of Actual High PR DoFollow Backlinks and Make Upto $200 From It!

Which one sounds better? The second one looks so promising While the first one looks very generic.

I used the same second headline in the sales thread of the forum which brought me in more number of sales.

The point is, the title should be specified very clearly so the buyers can understand what they will get getting after purchasing the eBook.

Highlight ‘features’ in bold, italic and underlined bullet points

This is my secret of getting very good number of sales – highlight all the major features that can attract people.

Namely, highlighting all those features in bullet point list worked very well for me.

Why use highlighted bullet points?

  • It can attract the people. You can get 100s of buyers in just a month.
  • You’ll get awesome raving reviews from buyers.
  • Some people are so lazy that don’t see what you’re offering. So, highlight your best features can magically attracts the eyeballs just like this!
  • Lets assume you didn’t read this sentence but you can still notice this word very easily.
  • Using this trick actually helped me to boost my earnings by 25%.

If you want to get most of out writing super bullet points, read 8 quick tips to write bullet points from Robert, CopyBlogger chief writer.

Offer something as the bonus

Offering some for free as a bonus is one of the greatest idea I’ve ever come up with.

Many of my eBook buyers said, “Bonus itself is worth the money”. It means they’ve found the bonus product much useful that worth the price of the real eBook.

People intends to buy your product if you’ve something that really worth the money. In case, if people didn’t like your product then they’ll still have ‘bonus’ product which make them feel they just did a right investment.

Worth price of bonus product could maximize the sales. So its better to mention its worth price even though you don’t charge for it.

Here’s an example:

Example #1 Buy Now and get free bonus

Example #2 Buy Now and get free bonus (worth $20)

In the second example the worth value is mentioned which makes people more concerned about the real worth of bonus which they’ll get for free after purchasing the eBook.

I’ve found that some people even purchased my eBook just to grab the bonus product I offered for free as a gift.

Let them review. More review = More earnings

After getting good number of buyers, I asked them to post honest review in the forum sales thread.

Surprisingly, I got awesome positive reviews from all the buyers. In fact, they were happy with my eBook as they found my idea unique and thanked me for sharing the idea.

I collected all these reviews in one place of original sales thread so anyone could read the reviews.

Here another important thing is to highlight the good words of each review or testimonial.

Here’s another good example for this:

Example #1 His eBook has earned me $50 in first day!

Example #2 His eBook has earned me $50 in first day!

In above example #2 review sounds more interesting than the first one.

High majority of people purchased the eBook just by reading the reviews which I got from previous buyers and trusted members of IMTalk forum.

Getting reviews and experience from previous buyers not only increase number sales but also helps to build trust on you by the future possible buyers.

Bonus Tips (that work!)

Here’s some extra tips I used to maximize number of sales of my eBook:

  • I also created a dedicated sales page with all important material. If you’re not familiar with writing awesome sales page then you can outsource it in cheap price at Fiverr. Once the sales page is ready, give it a blast and grab some people to visit by sharing it to best social media sites for traffic.
  • Before you sell your eBook, create a stand out image cover for it. It make people to believe that you’re genuine seller and help them to confirm you’re not a scammer. You can create a eBook cover image from here for free!
  • Ask each and every buyer to review your eBook and present it in the sales page. Don’t be afraid of getting negative review – you’ll may get some. In that case just don’t mention the negative reviews in your sales page.

Final Conclusion

Keep looking, don’t settle. – Steve Jobs

Well, that’s how I worked and I think Steve Jobs was right indeed.

All these techniques are proven ways to get most out of eBook selling business. I had earned altogether 4 figure from my very first eBook. I never though I could have this great experience of selling good number of copies.

If you want to have same kind of experience the go take your first step action!

Have you ever sold your own digital product or eBook online? I love to hear your experience, share it via comment below!

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About Anup Kayastha

Anup Kayastha is founder and chief editor of MoneyMakingModes and HackTutors. Learn more about him here and add him on Facebook or Google+.


  1. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    Excellent tips Anup. Your eBooks seems to be quite interesting and you have made a lot from this book, I guess. Anyways, may I have a review copy ? :P
    Read PrIyAnGsHu’s recent post Releasing Thesis Child Theme for Genesis Framework – Download Now!My Profile

  2. akhilendra says:

    very well written posts, networking clubbed with good marketing can really provide boost to internet marketing and your point about bonus is really bang on target as bonus are really helpful in attracting buyers.
    Read akhilendra’s recent post How To Avoid Spam in WordPress, Vbulletin And XenforoMy Profile

  3. Marc says:

    Hey Anup,

    Congratulations on the success of your first ebook! I’m also going to be releasing my first also. Are you marketing your ebook in other forums as well or are you only using IMtalk?
    Read Marc’s recent post Importance Of Writing In Your Own VoiceMy Profile

    • Hi Marc,

      Actually I’ve been active member of IMtalk so I’m able to establish good relation between members and got good amount of sales. I’ve also tried some forums like Warrior Forum, Digital Point and other similar IM related forums but as I was quite inactive, I had less luck on selling to those forums. But I got the sales on those sites even more than I expected. The reason was I referred a link to my sales thread at IMTalk and let them read reviews. And they actually bought the eBook just after reading the reviews posted by my previous buyers.

      Good luck for your first eBook! Be sure to market it on all IM forums as much as possible, if people find it useful then it can go viral! And be sure to inform me when you release it :)
      Read Anup Kayastha’s recent post How I Increased My Backlinks Business Income by 237%My Profile

  4. Dean Saliba says:

    I’m hoping to have my first book published by either the end of this year or the start of next year and I think you have offered some very helpful advice for me to take and use. :)

    Offering review copies is something I think HAS to be done in order to get the word out, this is a perfect example of how you need to spend money (or give away in this case) to make money. :)
    Read Dean Saliba’s recent post AddMeFast Increases Subscribers But Not For LongMy Profile

  5. katherin says:

    Congrats ya,its a big success…if we offer any extra products people will give a try to utilize and if it is worth the money..
    thanks for sharing your experience and tips..i will read your ebook,hope it will be useful to me..

  6. Guppu Boss says:

    Hey Anup I have read your ebook its book every newbie who don’t know how to get quality links must buy your book
    Read Guppu Boss’s recent post 20 New Beautiful iPhone 5 Cases/Covers you would Like to BuyMy Profile

  7. Hi Anup yours is an amazing post. Very well explained and I think you can even title your next book as how you sold 500 plus copies of your book
    Read george@seekdefo’s recent post Why Blogengage is the best place for networking and sharing content?My Profile

  8. there are some questions which i would like to ask.
    where did you upload your book
    how did you get the cover?
    how many pages did it have

    • There’s many site where you can host your eBook for free. In fact, any one of the file sharing site, or your own WordPress blog.

      About the cover, I’ve mentioned where you can create cover for free at the end of the post as bonus tip.

      It has 12 pages and is straight to the point (less theories).

      I hope I answered all your question, thanks for asking :)
      Read Anup Kayastha’s recent post How I Increased My Backlinks Business Income by 237%My Profile

  9. oh i did not see that. How did you give the e books to them. Did you send them the link or e mail them the book as an attachment? Thanks for the answes
    Read george@seekdefo’s recent post Email marketing is dead!My Profile

  10. Hi Anup,

    Fantastic post and great insights into marketing an eBook.

    The best part is, your methods are applicable for any kind of sales page or promotion. When it comes to ales pages, I really suck :D

    Thanks for the invitation to the Bloggers Promotion Tribe.
    Read Annetta Powell’s recent post Organo Gold Compensation Plan – Your Coffee Business Profits ExplainedMy Profile

    • Hi Annetta,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment :)

      Yeah, actually this strategy is applicable for many eBook or product regardless of its topic.

      I’m glad you like my strategy ;)

  11. george says:

    Mate can you tell me any such sites where i can upload my e book, i mean sites like clickbank where i can sell e book and which also allows affiliates to join the program for free. Clickbank charges 49 dollars for joining the vendor program. I need a site which can do everything that clickbank can do plus allowing an affiliate option but without the cost or at less cost. If any please suggest.

    • I personally recommend Plimus. It offers you to receive payments and delivers product to your buyers in complete automated way. In the other hand, it also have affiliate features – you can let people know about your product and join your affiliate program. After they apply as your affiliate partner, you’ve to approve them and they can start promoting your product. But its small drawback is that it takes a little more commission than any other sites. However, I’ve found Plimus easy to use and reliable as well.

      This can be your choice since it do not take any initial charge to join.

      Good luck and let me know if you need any help from my side – I’ll be happy to help you :)
      Read Anup Kayastha’s recent post 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Adsense As Primary Monetizing ToolMy Profile

  12. Chris says:

    Hi Anup,
    I like your tips, especially about promoting ebook on forum. Forums are great if you have something valuable (like your ebook for example ;) ).
    And thanks for the link.
    Read Chris’s recent post Make Money Blogging – Is it Really Possible?My Profile

  13. Naveen says:


    It seems creating products is not a matter, we should market it to reach potential people. You did great job.
    Read Naveen’s recent post Yoast Video SEO Plug-in for WordPress – Optimize Your Videos for Top Search Engine RankingMy Profile

  14. Ehsan Ullah says:

    Great tips Anup, I didn’t know that you also have an E-book that is making you great money :)
    I’m gonna launch my first E-book soon which I’ll be selling for 100% commission because I don’t wanna make money with that, I just want to collect email addresses of the buyers.

    BTW, a great guide here.
    Read Ehsan Ullah’s recent post Pop-up Is One of The Most Annoying Thing, Isn’t It?My Profile

  15. aditya rai says:

    inspirational for me, really if forced me to think on it too. I wish I could also learn how to write an efficient e-book which can build a good image and niche income for me.

    Thanks for the tip

  16. Nizam Khan says:

    Awesome post! Well yes, “Headline” is very important, as it’s a key of better conversion and a catchy & effective headline can attract the people attention to buy the product(s). And agreed, highlight all the attractive major features is a good strategy can attract people and works very well. Thanks Anup for sharing this tips and congrats on selling 500+ copies :)
    Read Nizam Khan’s recent post Is it Worth Boasting in Affiliate Marketing?My Profile

  17. That’s one great story to read man! Really inspiring acts out there. Though I don’t really have any plans to write any ebook, this is yet inspiring for any future endeavors.

    PS – Check out my giveaway of CommentLuv Premium :) Cheers
    Read Raaj Trambadia’s recent post (Giveaway) CommentLuv Premium Multi-Site LicenseMy Profile

  18. Enstine Muki says:

    Congratulations bro. That’s a great job. I’ll check your ebook now.
    I joined imtalk some months back but didn’t take it seriously. I think I’ll reconsider my decision about it.

    Thanks for sharing your success story with us.
    Read Enstine Muki’s recent post My $102,05 Google Adsense Earnings Paid. Read my story!My Profile

  19. You are truly an leader i must say selling an idea with success is really the toughest nut to crack you made it by your skills ..heartily wishes for your future endeavors

  20. Kumar Gauraw says:

    Hello Anup,
    You’ve got an awesome story here. I am in process of launching my first eBook sale soon. You’ve added value to my efforts with your post as I landed here through your comment on probloggers’ one of the articles.
    Great story. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Angela says:

    Thanks for these ideas and follow on links!!!
    I agree with image being important and myecover is awesome!
    Congratulations with your sales and thanks for sharing your tips!

    have a great day!

    Read Angela’s recent post Let Go – It Can Free Your MindMy Profile

  22. sups says:

    What if people copy and paste it and sell it. or type it and make another copy and sell it? how to get legal rights or copy right rights? please comment
    Read sups’s recent post Online MBAMy Profile

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