I Upgraded to the MacBook Pro!

Today, I feel because my dream finally come true! Not wanting to spend too much money to upgrade the tools I need for blogging, I finally upgraded to the new mid-2012 model 13-inch MacBook Pro using the revenue generated from MoneyMakingModes and from the contribution from my dad.

MacBook Pro 13-Inch

Why MacBook Pro?

I was a PC user before, since I was a kid, actually. Now after 6 years, I’m on a different platform. I found it easier to use Mac OS than Windows. I was little bit frustrated when the viruses crashed my PC and lost all of my data. Most of the anti-virus software didn’t work so I had to re-install the Windows, which is actually another boring task. While using a PC, I spend 20% of my time searching for how to fix this part of Windows and how to solve that, and bla, bla bla.

In the other hand, MacBook Pro’s 13-inch model specification totally allow me to do my work like video editing, using Photoshop, Web designing more conveniently without any problem.

In a nutshell, I’m currently happy using the Mac.

What’s Next?

I’ve choosen MacBook for a reason — to be more productive.

“Writing posts on blogs, that’s productive?”

Yes, and no.

Yes — because it’s how I make money, and no because I’ve a plan start a new project which will be ‘more productive’ than this one.

Wait a second, what do you mean ‘more productive’?

You’ll get answer for this question in my upcoming post. For now, just let me know your opinion in the comments below.


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    Congrats Anup, I’m too thinking to get a MacBook Air, as it’s quite flexible and light weighted. So, I can carry it comfortably, anywhere I go.

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    Macbook Pro is certainly a great choice for a designer, as far as I know most US-based designers are using Macbook Pro.

    I never want to buy a Macbook Pro as I think it’s a bit pricey. Hey, if you’re just blogging and do simple tasks, why don’t just get a Macbook Air? If you got some extra money, I probably wanna buy a Macbook Air instead.

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