7 Bad Signs That Predicts You Will Not Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging TacticsDid you know you have to work consistently to make some serious cash before you created a blog?

There are few signs that most of the bloggers shows after creating a new blog — and these signs literally determines how much potential you have in order to make money blogging. Probably not — but certainly yes because there are lots of resources out there that help you get started.

You should be regularly doing the basis things to up your blog level by level.

Here are the 7 signs that literally tells how much potential you have to make money with your blog.

1. Not writing regularly

Why regularly?

Because no one reads a dead blog.

If you don’t care about writing up in regular basis then people wouldn’t care about your blog either because they’re not getting what they expected they would get by visiting your blog.

When you have started with a blog you are supposed to write regularly. The frequency of posting depends on you but you should write at least one post per month. Not writing regularly will make your blog lose out in competition. People will lose interest which will result in low traffic.

People want up to date information. So us feed them what they want in a regular basis.

Don’t have a time to write regularly because of busy schedule? Don’t worry, you can alway hire a write who has a good expertise about the topic of your blog.

Where to hire quality writers?

There are some good place where you can hire a write who can write regularly for your blog.

Basically, I prefer the following two places:

  • Elance – you’ll get many job proposals here, but you’ve to choose just one that has good working experience.
  • Warrior Forum – as far as I remember, I’ve seen couple of threads with some really awesome deal packages. You’ll see some people, that has got all positive feedbacks in the thread, offering damn cheap article writing service.

2. Not linking with other blogs

If you don’t link then you’ll not get better promotion.

If you’re aware about how linking to other bloggers can determine your earning potential then here simple step points:

  1. You link to other bloggers
  2. they’ll notice it
  3. they share your article which you linked back to them
  4. their followers gets into your blog and they untimely change in the daily readers and finally buyers when you recommend any promising product to them!

More you link back to people, more you’ll get the popularity. Just make sure to buzz them back that you’ve mentioned them in your post. They’ll be happy, and they’ll certainly share you post to everyone they one.

The links make your blog resourceful and interesting as well. Yes, everyone loves to read ‘interesting’ articles.

3. Not creating social networks

Social network is the place where you can reach your blog to many people. It’s place to promote and advertise, for free!

And more importantly, social media sites can untimely improve search engine rankings.

So, why not create and engage in social networks?

You need to make people know about your blog. If you do not tap these resources your blog will remain unread.

Here are some top social networking sites where you can start promoting your blog immediately after reading this post:

  • Facebook – create Facebook page, get more fans and keep the page updated by regularly sharing your blog post, or ask random questions.
  • Twitter – follow people in your niche, mention some people in your tweets, retweet other tweet and tweet with your blog post link frequently. This way you can drive more traffic to your blog using Twitter. Always remember, more traffic = more money!
  • Stumbleupon – it’s my #2 main traffic source for my blog. It’s actually easy to get targeted traffic through Stumbleupon. Just follow people and be an active stumbler.

The other social media site I’d recommend is LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit and Digg.

4. Not getting attached to any blog community

Online communities make your blog get more and more traffic. If you do not register yourself in any one of these communities, your blog will be unnoticed.

You need to popularise your blog in order to make money.

What’s a community. It’s the place where you can share and gain knowledge, get traffic and more leads and sales.

Here’s some best blog community sites:

  • Blog Engage – Awesome place to get audience for your blog.
  • MMSocialNetwork – A good place to get traffic.
  • Biz Sugar – Ti, my just met blogging friend, is getting pretty much decent traffic from this community, and it has become part of her blog’s traffic source. She has shared some interesting traffic case study in her blog – that’s worth reading.

If you’re not a member in any of those community then you have to from now! In return, your hard work will pay off, believe me.

5. Avoid plagiarism

Do not ever copy content from other blogs.

You’ll be penalised for doing so, and non of the search engine would respect your blog.

This isn’t a shortcut if you’re expecting to earn some money with your blog.

Look for the originality.

Share what you know. Your readers will appreciate your effort. Trust me.

6. Not writing quality content

People don’t like reading articles that gives them back nothing.

So how do you make them read your articles?

It’s simple.

Deliver them what they want. Quality.

Give them information that they might end up with a big regret if they don’t take an action and follow tips you share d through the post.

This is the most important point that should kept in mind. Quality of the content is the only factor that draws attention. Carol from CopyBlogger has shared some good tactics to write high quality content – fast and easy.

Write less but make your each post stand out. It is the quality that will help you make money blogging.

7. Not including keyword

Good keyword optimization leads you to better search engine ranking and it ultimately increase your blog traffic.

Keywords help you get the attention of the search engines that ultimately would enable you get money with your blog.

Find some long tail keywords using Google Keyword Tool. Look for the keywords that has minimum of 1000 global monthly searches with low competition. Lower the competition, the higher the chance for your blog to get top position in search engines. Target a single keyword to each blog post. You could easily get good ranking by guest posting, social bookmarking and getting links from few other reliable sources.

This way you’ll get hot targeted traffic.

Can you imagine hundreds and thousands of people searching for one single information, and where’s that information? In your blog!

Offer something valuable in your blog that’s worth buying. If people find it appealing, then certainly buy it. I know it sounds easy, however, it may be quite difficult to do, but that’s how you make money blogging.

Do you have these signs?

Nobody’s perfect. We make mistakes, but we can solve it — together.

Tell us in the comment if you have any of these sign that may keep you apart from making money with your blog.

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  1. says

    Right on all 7 accounts! I make sure I get to my communities regularly and do my rounds. No one likes a dead blog and I didn’t work this hard to let my blog waste away. Thanks for this post…it showed me I’m on the right track!

    • says

      You most certainly are on the right track, D.!

      Anup – What a fantastic and thorough article! Talk about actionable steps. You’ve done a great job at breaking down the necessary steps required to get us to the blogging bliss we all desire. ;)

      Oh, and thanks SO much for the mention. I truly appreciate it!

      A job well done with this post; keep up the great work!


  2. says

    You really make some important points here.
    I also think, writing relevant content by targeting is also important to generate quality traffic as well as increase increase blogging revenue.

  3. says

    Hey Anup, great simple informative article you have here. I just found your blog and I will be sure to do a write up in one of my posts about you. I’ll be checking on your posts on the regular now.

    I wasn’t familiar with blogging communities like Blog Engage and the other two you mentioned. I’ll be sure to check them out.

    Thank you,


  4. says

    Yes, I have some of these signs. The most important is of course not writing regularly. Each article gives at least 5 unique and targeted visitors to a business website.

  5. says

    Google Plus, LinkedIn and pinterest are far more important now and easier to get traffic from than Reddit, Digg, or even StumbleUpon. Those are NOT where I would look for quality writers, but then I know a lot of people and have an advantage in that area.

    Building blogging collaborations who know what is important to those involved who share knowledge, tips for monetizing, and focus on using the same blogging communities and social networks is key to achieving success faster.

    Personally I prefer the CommentLuv community as it builds relationships quickly and makes it easy to tell whose blogs are related to yours or of interest to you.

  6. says

    Copying content are one of the initial mistakes that almost every newbie blogger commits. One must certainly stay away from plagiarism.

  7. says

    Well said bro. Let me quickly add one point. If you are not willing to spend online to take your blog to the next step, it’s a bad sign you won’t make real money online ;)

  8. says

    Hi Anup,

    Earning decent money from blog was never an easy task and your post has proved it again. I agree with most of your points, and want to know more about your opinion on Hiring quality writers.

    Most of the bloggers like me do not have enough money to hire top class writers and the quality of low priced writers is not always good . What according to you should we do in such cases. We also shouldn’t ignore the fact that most of the bloggers from Asian countries do not have very good english skills and cannot even judge the quality of articles they buy. Would like to hear more from you on this


  9. says

    Well, social media provides us with opportunities to test out for our businesses. If it works, great. If it doesn’t work – there is probably something else new and exciting just around the corner. Anyway, thanks for your useful post!

  10. says

    The 7 bad signs that predict a blog’s failure are totally true. And I guess the most important factors are quality content and updating your blog. I paid for plagiarism mistake once before and it literally took me a few months to recover from where my blog was :)

  11. says

    hey Anup, some nice points here in the post, so thanks. regular posting is what hold utmost importance but I too am having problem in this aspect. And yes, plagiarism is what one seriously needs to avoid, if one needs to survive with full respect.

  12. says

    Wow!! Great Tips
    started working on my blog 2 weeks ago..Its going good
    But I Dont have any social network except Pintrest …will surely do it now..thank you

  13. says

    Hello Anup,
    I am having 2 of these signals, like i am not regular with blogging and second is i am not joined with social networks except facebook.well i hope these two signal do not make me inappropriate for blogging and i will try to solve these issues.
    Anyways thanks for post.

  14. says

    Very true. If you missed one major step then you will absolutely fail. All of those tips should be taken into account because it will not give you profit in the end but also boost your brand.

  15. says

    It’s true! if you want to earn continuously from blogging ways then you have to be a consistent.
    Consistency matters a lot here. But also the niche or quality on which you are working plays a peak role here.
    You have mentioned really nice points here with in a very suitable way. Thanks for sharing this wonderful list with us!

  16. says

    With so many posts about how you can make it online. It is refreshing to see a not more honesty. My best advice is to find a system ton can trust to deliver and use it. It will save you a lot of hours.

  17. says

    Great post. I vote for failing to post regularly. The frequency is important as a first priority but the sequence of the frequency you post is also important. You really got to egister yourself in some of the communities, to at least get visual recognition. Hope you agree. Cheers..

  18. says

    Making money online is not easy but if we try our best, we can be successful. Doing this mean people have to be patient and devoted to the work. We cannot do it for just a few days and then hope that the money will come to us as we expect. We have to do it for at least half of a year.

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