How To Make Money As a Teenager or Kid – 8 Simple Ways

Make Money Online As A KidAre you a teenager? And you think teenager can’t make money online, right? Well, you’re certainly wrong!

I’m a teenager myself. If you take a couple of┬áminute┬áto read my about page, then you’d know who I am.

Parents may get annoyed with their kids for spending all their time with their computer, but if it can help kids earn a few dollars by putting their talents to use, who will not be happy?

Apart from the usual part time jobs like the paper route, flipping burgers at the local fast food joint or washing cars, there are plenty of options available on the net to earn a fast money.

No specialized skills are required to make money online. But one must have basic computer literacy and a keen business sense. Also a keen interest in activities like gaming is a plus. Good language skills and an interest in technology are also useful. The internet is a powerful tool for generating money online. The age of the person does not matter as longs as one has the right tools and skills.

Some of the popular means by which kids can make money online are:

Online gaming

Online games are highly popular with kids and what is better than turning this hobby into a money spinner. Gaming is a fun activity with a chance to interact with people from around the globe. Also it is becoming a means to make money. Online companies dish out money depending on categories of games.

A kid can earn money not only by gaining expertise in these games but also by marketing these games to new, prospective buyers.

Many companies encourage kids to market their games by opening their own websites centering on these games. For making profits, the latter can increase traffic to their websites by linking with other websites. Another important way in which kids can make money is by selling their accounts with game sites in which they have attained a high level of expertise.

For example in a game called as World of Warcraft, if your kid has become an expert he can sell his account at a site called as

Sell stuff on EBay

If you are desperate for cash, you can sell some of your stuff on Ebay or market the stuff of a company on Ebay. Most kids become familiar to technology and appliances. They become mini-experts on topics like computers, videogames, music and movies.

The kids can identify bargains and sell them on Ebay. Some of the stuff include old sports goods, old computers, and old video games.

So why not get started with eBay?

Writing articles

There are websites that encourage paid article submission by kids and teenagers.

  • Mylot – It’s an interesting website where kids can earn money online by asking and answering questions, uploading photos and writing small and simple articles on special topics. Every month they are assured a minimum payout of $10 via PayPal.
  • Squidoo – This is another great website where kids can submit articles and earn money.

Online surveys

There are a lot of fraudulent online surveys out there butt there are also an equal number of authentic paid surveys by legitimate companies. Many companies like to conduct surveys on kids and teenagers. So this is a good way to make money online.

The one best company you can get started with is CashCrate.

Use creative talent

There are some websites like Secondlife which offer a huge online opportunity for creative individuals. They offer creative tools that can be used to design clothing, jewelry and cars.

Affiliate marketing

The child can enroll as the salesperson for a company. When a customerclicks and makes a purchase via your link, the company will reward you with a commission. If the company has an age-limit your kid can use your name for the affiliate program.

Blog writing

Kids are encouraged to create blogs on what they like or dislike. The search engines will notice if you post regular, authentic and fresh content. The blog will contain links to different products and services associated with the site. When a customer makes a purchase, the kid receives a commission.

Selling skills

The kids can market their skills online. There are thousands of mundane jobs that can be outsourced to web savvy kids such as e-mail checking, researching keywords etc. The kids can also apply for offline work like car washing, selling newspaper, lawn mowing etc. They can participate in paid online discussion forums.


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    Blogging is obviously the best way for teenagers to make money on the internet. As a teenager myself, I’ve been making pretty handsome income every month with blogging, building niche sites and running my own turnkey businesses. The internet has really bought some great business opportunities for people to make money online, even for kids :).


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    Hey, nice write up! This article itself is a motivational and encouragement toolpost. It could easily prepare anyone to act upon their ideas and taste success as a teenager or kid…

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    Hello Kayastha,
    No parent will not be happy seeing that the times his child is spending on the computer is somehow paying off.

    I’ve heard a lot about the gaming sites stuff but, i still don’t fully understand how people makes money from it. Do they have to create a website and then start selling the games?

    Every other tip you shared here is also fabulous man, thanks for sharing.

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    What an interesting post Kayastha,
    Today, there are so many ways through which a kid can make money from the internet and, the lists you just shared here now is certainly some of the easiest especially Paid Survey.

    The only issue is that they normally restrict some countries from taking part on some of the surveys.

    Thanks for sharing.

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