5 Step Process That Can Make You $300 Per Day Hardly Doing Anything

Need a quick money to start off something or you’ve got to pay your debt?

How about solving that problem by making quick cash online?

Internet is so wide that you can’t exactly count and filter what is the easiest way and what is the most accurate way that is applicable to you to earn money in real, quick and fast.

Everybody loves quick work. Even I do!

Anyway, getting into the point, today I’m going to show you how to make quick money online and that’s going to be pretty easier than other money making methods.

Let’s get started!

Blogging? “Nah… Not again! That’s the longest process I know to hardly earn some bucks.”

I agree. It’s a long process and I’m not going to bore you with the same blogging thing again and again. I’m just resetting your mind that you won’t be seeing any long blogging thing or something similar that you don’t want to hear.

So, basically, I’m going to guide you through a process that makes you money quick and fast doing almost nothing!

Before getting into the guide I want you to make yourself believe that this method works because it really does!

We’ll be using Fiverr.

Nope you’re not going to do anything hard and don’t get sick too fast only by hearing its name. You don’t even know the process till now.

Now here’s step 1.

STEP 1: Get into the Fiverr

Go to Fiverr.com and find some cool stuffs related to SEO, Social Media or something similar. There’s actually ‘hungry buyers’ when it comes to SEO stuff.

You should be seeing something like this:

I will give you X amount of backlinks for $5

Choose a gig that has good ratings, maximum orders and less negative feedback. Add that gig to you watch list or simply bookmark the page.

STEP 2: Look for your favorite IM forum

Now seek out some real popular internet marketing forums. I preferably choose Warrior Forum or IMTalk. In these place there’s actually a high potential to make easy money because it is where I successfully made 4 figure income through my first eBook.

Make Quick Money Online Forum

However, if you’ve already got a good reputation in other similar forum then it works as well.

STEP 3: Start a promising sales thread

Create a new thread in Buy Sell and Trade section. In Warrior Forum you have to pay to create new thread in the ‘Warrior for Hire‘ section. But believe me it’s worth the money!

Now write in the thread about your service. It’s not ‘your’ service actually, but it is the service you found out in Fiverr. Don’t be too stupid to mention that your’re offering the service through Fiverr.

You can set any price you want. Make sure you don’t use high price. The lower your price is, the higher orders you’ll receive.

I’d recommend the normal service price of $50 but it totally depends upon what type of service you’re giving.

STEP 4: Wait for the money

You are just becoming a middle person here. What you’ve to do is when someone place an order for your service in the forum, get the details from the buyer and order a new gig and send the same details to the service provider at Fiverr. It might take few days to get the service delivered.

STEP 5: Deliver it all and watch your money flowing in!

Once the you get the service report at Fiverr, deliver the same report to your buyer at Warrior/IMTalk forum and BAAM!

Congratulations! You’ve just earned profit of $45!


You purchased the gig worth $5 and received payment from your client and that’s $50. So the net total you’ll receive is $45!

Now, if you could get about 6 – 7 orders per day then by doing the simple math you’d earn 7×45 = $315 per day and 315×30= $9,450 per month doing little work or nothing at all on your side!

Cool huh? As you can see this is not just a theory but actually a method that works if you implement it immediately after finishing reading this post. Simply a great way to make easy money online. As simple as that.

Now what you’ve to do is take action. If you’ve little more creativity then Fiverr and IM forums are not only the place to use this method.

If you tried this method but you couldn’t even make one sale then there’s something wrong with you.

Let me know in the comment how much have you earned after taking action with this money making method.


  1. says

    Cool way to earn bucks easily and at a fast rate. Is it really working for you? and do you earn as much, or more or less same amount as mentioned up here?

    But, must say… cool idea. :)

  2. says

    Hi Anup,

    I am thinking about getting a gig on Fiverr and seeing what I can make of it. It is one of many money making opportunities on the internet today.

  3. says

    Wow, this is awesome & simple to! You just gave me an aha moment, because I deal with clients off of elance & sometimes if I can’t design something then I don’t get the job. Guess you just solved this solution for me:) I’ve got this one saved and shared.

  4. says

    This is a stupid simple method and stupid easy to do! How awesome of you to share this with us. Now, this is some great actionable content that I love to see. Job well done! And you’ve definitely made it into my link roundup this week. ;)

    Glad to have connected with you through Ana’s blog, Anup. Keep up the great work! :)


  5. says

    Hey Anup. That’s a great combination of earning money from Fiver that way.
    Great Idea ;)
    But can you tell me how much will it cost to be a Warrior in the forum please?

    • says

      You’ll have to pay $20 to open a new thread in ‘Warrior for Hire’ section, and you don’t necessarily need to be a War Room member.

      However, you’d get more orders if you’re War Room member, but you need to pay $37 one-time fee for that.

  6. says

    I’ve few friends doing the exact same thing, and has received load pages of amazing reviews over and over.

    There’s not always low quality services on Fiverr. Just choose the right gig ;)

  7. says

    You are awesome, brother! I enjoyed the way you’ve put and simply how quickly you are able to make some cash. Great job! A lot of people will benefit from this.

  8. says

    Yes, that’s obviously a great method to make money effortlessly. I have not tried forums yet, but I do the same thing by creating my own mini stores and then sell them on Flippa for much more profits. Apart from that, I also make use of paid campaigns to promote my service.

  9. says

    A very interesting post Anup,
    I haven’t heard of this tips before and i must confess that i’m really impressed man. The most wonderful thing about it is that its actually very simple to do. Will surely give it it a trial man.

    Thanks a bunch for sharing. I will be back.

    BTW: This is my first visit here, and i like what you’re doing. Keep it up.

  10. says

    I am surprised this method works. I think it would be a great method to use on Craiglist though. You could probably mark it up even more.

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