3 Reasons Why You Should Use QR Codes For Your Business

QR codes or Quick Response codes have been around for a long time and are now becoming a part of business promotions. With some big brands using these for advertisements already like Verizon, Taco Bell, and Mountain Dew, small business owners like you should also start taking advantage of these graphic codes.

By having one code designed for your small business, you can creatively advertise your brand with just a simple and small graphic. Plus, the marketing advantages that QR codes provide are worth the investment. To have a better idea on what this program can do, we’ll provide you with great benefits here:

1. Easy to create without having to pay for it.

One of the good things about a QR code is you can easily generate at no cost. Just visit QR code generator sites like the-qrcode-generator.com and QRStuff.com. Select what type of information you would be adding and in just a few seconds, you’ll have your own QR code. Download the image for free and add it up on your promotional prints. It’s that fast, easy, and affordable which you can’t get from other advertising materials.

2. Ideal for both online and offline promotions.

When you have a QR code for your business, the possibilities of using it is endless. You can place these on your business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, and many more. Convince your target market to scan the code by adding up a catchy headline.

Aside from using the graphic on printed advertisements, you can also upload it on your website. If you’re constantly sending emails to your customers, you could even add the QR code on the lower portion and lead them right to your online store or offered deal.

3. Provide better tracking of marketing strategy.

With this small graphic material, you can actually check how many scans and views it has gained since you’ve started using it. Just create the URL you’ll be using on Google URL Builder to generate a link that will help you track its effectiveness. Make sure to carefully fill up the details here so you won’t have a hard time checking the data. After that, use a URL shortener to minimize the length of the URL that you’ll place on the QR code.

Aside from the views and number of scans made, you can also check out what phones were used for the QR code, the duration of visit on your website and more. That’s an easier and more reliable way of tracking your QR code promotions.

Now that we’ve provided you the interesting benefits of having QR codes for marketing your business, let us check out creative ideas on how you can put these into good use:

  • Place QR code on your product’s packaging or tags.
  • Add the code on the printed receipts.
  • Include it on your event tickets when hosting an occasion.
  • Use it on the gift cards for your customers.
  • Make it portal to download your free offer using any device.

Consider taking advantage of QR codes for your small business. Generate your own code and include these on your advertising tools. Enjoy the perks this creative graphic provides and let your customers also feel engaged on the innovative marketing style that it brings.

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Roxanne is a creative writer from PrintRunner, your friendly brochure printing company that offers small businesses innovative marketing tools in new and exciting ways.


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