Magical Placement to Triple Your Adsense Earnings Overnight!

Triple the Adsense earnings, overnight? You don’t believe it, do you? Well, if I were you I wouldn’t believe it too. But now, I have to!

First let me tell you my short story of the last night…

I was randomly surfing the internet. Before I went to sleep I checked my blog and saw the Adsense ads and I realized these ads are in the same place where I kept it in the last month.

I didn’t care much about Adsense ads placement even though the CTR for those ads were very low. So, I thought of giving some tweaks to these ads just to know how changing the placement does matter. I changed the position of the ads and that was totally different from the placement of before. Then I shut down my computer and went to sleep.

Next day, I woke up and checked my Adsense account to see if there’s any good thing achieved with the changes I made last night. Suddenly, I noticed CTR (Click Through Rate) gone very high! In fact, I refreshed the page couple of times. I thought the data was ‘wrong’ since I never saw such CTR in my Adsense account! And of course the earnings went up too!

That was the ‘magical’ of ad placement. I regret not realizing the placement of ad plays important role no matter how much traffic you get.

So what is the ‘magical’ placement?

I call this magical placement because that placement has magically tripled my Adsense earning like never before!

You may have same or different theme layout and styles like I’m currently using in my blog. This means the amount of CTR and earnings you get may vary. However, Adsense is so flexible that it can be scaled up into any site.

Now, if you check Google Analytic data for a day or a week, you’ll notice that the homepage of your site is the most viewed page. This means most of the people lands on your homepage and that page gets the more hits. It makes sense, right? Yes, you should place the ads on the homepage but in what place? In my case, the most effective place to display ads is between the posts of the homepage. And this place gets most CTR and earns me more.

You can add up to 3 contextual ads in single page. Take the benefits of this. Put up the 336x380px ads between posts with one post interval in your homepage. Still not clear? Check the homepage of HackTutors. Or see the illustration below:

Magical Adsense Ad Placement

You can also display ads after 2 posts of interval and test with other ad sizes but the big rectangle does the good work. Just make sure you choose text and image ads which perfectly blend with your site theme.

So this is it. What’re going to do? Open your Adsense and create new channel for three ad units in your homepage.

Go, take action and earn boost your adsense earnings from NOW!

Have you implemented this method? Share your experience via comment below!


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